Build Your Own Outdoor Sauna: Important Hacks

If you intend to build your own sauna in the garden, you can either buy the necessary parts and accessories yourself or purchase a sauna kit. Buying a outdoor sauna kits makes the project comparatively easy. You will receive all materials, elements and woods prefabricated and tailored to fit, as well as detailed assembly instructions. Optionally, you can also order […]

What Outdoor Sauna Design Should I Choose?

Could you imagine looking at spectacular views while taking a relaxing hot bath in an outdoor sauna installed in your garden, next to your house on the beach or in the middle of the forest with any outdoor sauna design? Any month of the year can be the best time to enjoy the pleasures and benefits that outdoor saunas offers. […]

What to Consider When Getting A Outdoor Sauna

Usually a sauna is integrated into the home and built into the bathroom or basement, for example. But not everyone has enough space in their own four walls, so the question arises – if available – why not use the garden to set up a beautiful garden sauna at home? Maybe a outdoor pod sauna. In principle, a sauna in […]


HERE’S  10 REASONS You NEED TO BUY A BARREL SAUNA: Barrel saunas are the perfect outdoor sauna that can amazingly fit anywhere, in your garden, backyard, or pool. Barrel saunas are preferred by many bathers, it can be built in an afternoon and can provide you with a bath just like the one you need.  Moreover, they are extremely efficient […]

Tips for Building An Outdoor Luna Sauna

Tips for building an outdoor luna sauna When it comes to an outdoor sauna for your own garden, the decision is usually made in favor of an outdoor luna sauna kit. Sauna kits are a particularly flexible solution. They can be set up at any point in the garden. They are mainly made of wood and are available in different […]

Outdoor Cedar Sauna to Trim The Body

At present, you can find many trimming products online to help those people in trouble with obesity. The outdoor cedar sauna is one of the best trimming options that can be preferred to reduce body weight. Usage of sauna is very easy and effective in trimming body to the required weight. Fat accumulation in the body is found to be […]

How Long Should You Stay In The Sauna?

On the one hand, the recommended length of the session depends on the type of sauna, and on the other hand, on your personal physical constitution and individual sauna experience. The question: how long to stay in the sauna? therefore cannot be answered across the board. However, there are some criteria that you can use to calculate the maximum time […]

How Sauna Can Help You to Trim Body?

Obtaining the right body weight may not be an easy task for many people. At present, obesity is found to be a common disorder reported due to the sedentary lifestyle of people. How can we reduce the risk of obesity safely and naturally? Several solutions can be viewed online to help obese people in reducing their body weight. The use […]